Featured in Ceramics Monthly!

Elizabeth Robinson Wiley: Ceramics Monthly Studio Visit Article

I just got my Ceramics Monthly in the mail, and guess what? I’m in it!

I am featured in their “Studio Visit” section for December, where I was asked to write about my studio and studio practice. You can read the article by buying an issue or subscription to Ceramics Monthly, or by clicking HERE: Elizabeth Robinson Studio Visit

"Of Time and Place" by Elizabeth Robinson Studio Potter article

In case you’re interested, I also wrote an article a few years ago for Studio Potter magazine for their issue focusing on Tools and Technology: “Of Time and Place” by Elizabeth Robinson


4 responses to “Featured in Ceramics Monthly!

  1. i really enjoyed your studio visit article in ceramics monthly. i just began my first teaching job at a university and my husband and i are starting a family. it seems gone are the days where i would work away in my studio for endless hours with a surplus of energy. your experience and words have given me perspective of balance and an acceptance of change.

    • Hi Shanna, thanks so much for your comment! It’s been a struggle and a process, for sure. I’m so glad the article hit home for you, it means a lot to know there’s people out there that relate to it.

  2. hi elizabeth,
    just read your studio visit article… congratulations.

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