Artist Statement

The pots I craft represent my place in the world, their physicality assembles a sense of the lineage I feel lacking. I am inspired by the myriad of forms and processes I encounter through experience and research: from traditional crafts to industrial ceramics to contemporary paintings. These influences combine to narrate a cultural identity that is revealed within the details of each piece.

I use imagery in a manner both nostalgic and iconic. Fragments of domestic patterns and textbook diagrams converse and instruct. Incised and drawn lines intersect and underlie the transfers- continuing the arc of a handle or emphasizing the awkwardness of a spout rammed against the body of a teapot.

The direct, seemingly casual manner in which I handle clay and glaze intersects with molded forms, stamps and decals; juxtaposing soft and hard edges, loose and formal lines. This contrast creates a tension between mass and delicacy, refinement and physicality, that I associate with elements of my own personality.

The back of a platter, the bottom of the foot, contain as much, or more, detail and deliberation as the exposed surfaces. These hidden areas help build the  layers of information, not readily accessible, that must be discovered over time, through acts more intimate than merely gazing.

Thus, I find that something as straightforward as a cup can be a profound thing. Something simple and useful functions also as a record it its maker, an object of contemplation, of consumption, and an accessory to the rituals of both serving and dining.